Symmetry Hand Hygiene

A hand hygiene program is complete only when you have all of the necessary components. The Symmetry® Hand Hygiene Program offers a complete line of hand hygiene products, awareness and education tools, and training for your specific needs. Symmetry’s line of innovative hand washes, hand sanitizers, lotions, body washes, and dispensers are ideal for any market including healthcare, retail, schools and government, food service, manufacturing, automotive, and more. Hand washing is the single, most important procedure to stop the spread of germs. Handwashing keeps you from transferring germs to other areas of your body, other people, and the environment. Wash your hands with Symmetry hand wash and eliminate germs.




Retail & Leisure

As a retail or leisure facility it is important that we maintain a healthy safe environment for our customers. Hand Hygiene is the first line of defense in providing a healthy safe environment for your visitors



If you don’t make it [hand hygiene products] convenient right there at that second, no one is going to go around the corner and wash their hands. It must be available in the flow of what the employee/visitor is doing.


Keep students in school and healthy with Symmetry®. The Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program offers a complete line of hand hygiene products, awareness and education tools, and training for your school’s specific needs.

Your Personalised Hand Hygiene Program

Interested in creating your own personalised Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program? Browse through our website, and contact us about the Symmetry products you’d like to learn more about.

100% Free Trial Available

Don’t just take our word for it, book your 4 week trial to see how we compare to your current hand hygiene products. Our trial allows you to see the benefits of reduced waste, reduced cost and also the quality of the product, interested? call us today 01482 842088

5 Reasons To Switch To Symmetry

  • FREE On loan soap dispensers
  • FREE Wall charts, posters, stickers
  • FREE Site audit
  • FREE Trial
  • On going support and staff training

Still not convinced, order your free Symmetry Soap sample today, click here to order.

Symmetry Dispensers

Symmetry dispensers are available in two sizes: 1250 ml and 2000 ml. Available colors are frost, gray and smoke (Custom color dispensers available with custom dispenser orders. Contact Innovation Supplies 01482 842088 for more information).

One dispenser, multiple products

Simply just swap the bags between dispensers, chose from Green Certified Hand Wash, General Purpose Hand Wash, Hand Sanitiser and Hair Hand & Body Wash, swapping a bag takes less than 30 seconds.

Reduced Cost and Waste

Not only does Symmetry Hand Hygiene offer great cost per use, it also helps you reduce waste.

No Batteries or Sensors

The centers for disease control and prevention states there are no real benefits of using touch free dispensers, think about it… your washing yours hands anyway.

Collapsible Bag

Symmetry hand hygiene products come in sealed, plastic bags that allows for 99.9% product evacuation.

No-Drip System

Symmetry foam hand wash has a true no-drip system. There are other foam hand washes on the market that are low drip, but Symmetry is no-drip

Our Customers

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